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At Aquaspin™, staying healthy is more convenient and enjoyable than ever before!
We are well-known in Singapore for proudly offering a wide range of aqua biking programs, including prenatal and water rehabilitation exercises. With three different programs to choose from, there is always a class for you at Aquaspin™ to help you along your fitness journey.

Aqua Endure

(50 min)

Designed for those looking for an endurance challenge, these aquaspinning classes are built on long intervals and high tempo music. Perfect if you are training for a fitness milestone like a run, trek, marathon or triathlon, we will have you working at an active pace the whole session!

Aqua Signature

(45 min)

Our High Intensity Interval Training session will get you sprinting for short periods followed by active recovery to make sure your heart rate goes up quickly and your body burns maximum calories during and after exercise. The perfect way to energise your day!

Aqua Power

(50 min)

Ready to go aqua crazy? Our aqua circuit training session combines cardiovascular intensity, combat training, and strength training, using the latest exercise equipment, including the bikes, resistance bands, and Aquastrength equipment. This class is designed to create a challenging, high-paced session that will tone you up before you can say ‘phew’!

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